Terms and Conditions

Please note that these Terms and Conditions also incorporate the following sections which we advise you to read.

Once a booking, deposit or payment has been placed by you and accepted by us, you have   NO RIGHT TO CANCEL or CHANGES the order. Except at our discretion inexceptional circumstances. During the receiving products period, the reasons for refund, exchanges and cancellation is not acceptable.

First come first serve - In the event there is only last set of any items, sale of the items wil be on a first come first served basis based on payment time and date.

All the delivery cost and the returns postage must be paid by the customers. Delivery fees will be shown on the invoice given to you.

You must ensure that the terms of your order, including the address for delivery are complete and accurate.

Unless otherwise agreed between you and us, the price for the items shall be price advertised on the website as published on the date of the order.

We are not responsible for any lost or damage to mail during the delivery process. Therefore Registered Mail is highly recommended.

Colour might be slightly differ due to brightness and contrast of the monitor.

Please note we can only accept one payment type per order.